FIFA 14 on the Cheap is Your Armchair Messi Deal of the Day

You should have Fifa 14 Coins by now, realised that you’re never going to be a professional footballer. The chances of you scoring the winning goal in an FA Cup final for your local team are as remote as Ann Widdecombe’s clitoris. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t play for 90 minutes without vomiting on yourself.

Thanks to games like FIFA 14, you can act like you’re a suave football, belting them in from 35 yards out and attempting bicycle kicks from the halfway line. Better still you can manage someone like Torquay and take them to a Champion’s League final. And you can land FIFA 14 on PS3 or Xbox 360 and get it delivered for a measly £24.99! Have a look at the deal!

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Customize Your Own Shirt to Celebrate The FIFA World Cup!

As you may have already done, soccer fans around the world are clearing their schedules from June 12th to July 13th. The FIFA World Cup is quickly approaching and it ll probably be over way before we would want it to. We have all probably pictured ourselves in the middle of that wonderfully noisy and exhilarating Brazilian stadium. But if we can t go, there is still a lot of celebrating to do from home. In order to get in the soccer spirit, you can customize your own shirt (or shirts) and show your true soccer colors.

You can wear your customized t shirt to a viewing party, friendly soccer game, or just around the block. It ll be a way to put you in the soccer mood and it ll last long after the World Cup is over. And if you are an active fan, why not create your own team and order great custom uniforms? The whole point is to show your creativity instead of wearing the same jersey everyone else will be wearing. Who said you had to dress the same to be a true soccer fan?

Use Personalized T Shirts to:

? Support your team

? Support your favorite player

? Show you are a soccer fan

? Get in the soccer spirit

? Identify your own team

? Stand out from the crowd

What you need to do is find a phrase or image you like and get it ready for print. Professional printing companies have certain file requirements you should meet, mainly about image quality. Contact your favorite printer and ask them about it. Most of them have a direct order service on their websites and charge about $12 per t shirt.

Just to get you thinking, here are some famous soccer quotes for inspiration. Would you dare to print them on a t shirt?

? We lost because we didn t win – Ronaldo

? I m as happy as I can be, but I ve been happier. – Ugo Ehiogu

? Football (soccer) is a matter of life and death, except more important. – Bill Shankly

? “Raul, man, he s like a Twinkie. He would survive a nuclear war. – Ray Hudson

? “Winning doesn’t really matter as long as you win” – Vinny Jones

Custom t shirts are the perfect opportunity to mix a fashion statement with true fan s passion. After all, if you don t have the chance to go to the World Cup, you can at least feel as part of the soccer celebration environment.

Have you picked your t-shirt s message yet? Go ahead and leave it as a comment below!

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Augmente FUT 14 monnaies sont de nouveau disponibles dans le catalogue EASFC

Les articles les plus recherchés de l’ EASFC catalogue sont les Augmente FUT 14 monnaies . Cet article EASFC catalogue permettre aux joueurs de recevoir des pièces supplémentaires FUT pour chaque match que l’élément est actif . Le bonus est ajouté à la fin de chaque match , ainsi que les pièces résultant de la performance du joueur .

Par exemple : une récompense Boost FUT Monnaie 1000 × 5 signifie que les joueurs recevront 1000 supplémentaires FUT pièces à la fin de chacun des cinq matchs suivant, ils complète .

Exemple Par: juin Récompense Boost FUT Monnaie 1000 × 5 signifié Qué Les Joueurs recevront 1000 supplementaires FUT pièces à la fin de Chacun des Cinq matchs suivant :

Près de cinq papillons plus tard, et quand beaucoup de gens ne croyaient plus , EA Sports a profité de l’entretien d’hier et ramené la FUT 14 Coin stimule l’ EASFC catalogue . Tous les articles sont désormais disponibles . Il suffit d’aller à la EASFC calalogue sur votre FIFA 14 et sélectionnez l’onglet « Ultimate Team » ou « tous» .

Vérifiez combien de ces articles à votre niveau vous permet d’acheter ou de demander à vos amis de faire don de vous:


1 300 FC C 200×10
8 450 FC C 200×5
24 1,000 FC C 200×10
28 2,000 FC C 1000×15
32 800 FC C 1000×5
36 750 FC C 200×5
45 1,500 FC C 200×15
51 2,500 FC C 1000×10
53 1,600 FC C 1000×5
56 1,250 FC C 1000×10
73 2,500 FC C 1000×10
96 4,000 FC C 1000×15
118 5,000 FC C 200×15
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Ruby Walsh doubtful for 2014 Grand National

Post the serious Cheltenham fall, Ruby Walsh is in a doubtful mode for 2014 Aintree Grand National. The leading jockey had an unfortunate experience at the recent Cheltenham Festival and had to withdraw himself prematurely from the esteemed chase given a painful compound fracture at right arm.

The 34-year-old Irish jockey was riding Abbyssial and he felt mid-way whist racing through Triumph JCB Hurdle & ended up being hit by mighty Adriana Mottes.

Walsh needs time to recover

Walsh was rushed to the hospital immediately given the severity of the situation. As per the clinical reports, Ruby would take some time to recover –the Irish man is most unlikely to bounce back soon and with Grand National 2014 right at the corner it’s only natural that he would unable to chase the prestigious event this time. The upcoming Aintree Grand National starts on April 5, 2014.


With such an elite jockey unavailable for this season, the 2014 Grand National is sure to miss out on much of its power quotient. Reigning as the head jockey in last 6 years of Cheltenham Festival, Walsh had secured as many as 41 wins.

According to Walsh’s latest medical reports, the jockey has fractured the right humerus & has been sent to Gloucester for the surgical procedures.

The Irish jockey was supposed to ride on 3 more horse racers on the last day of the Cheltenham Festival, including the famous On Hs Own for Gold Cup. Paul Townend, the replacement jockey also sustained injury on his shoulder.  It was David Casey who was passed on the baton to ride Briar Hill for Albert Bartlett Hurdle & On His Own for Gold Cup.

Jacob suffered broken bones

Ruby Walsh wasn’t the only elite jockey to sustain bad injury ahead of the most awaited Grand National 2014. Another high profile name to join the roster of missing jockeys from the April extravaganza is Daryl Jacob who has suffered 3 broken bones from a bad freak accident.

Jacob’s accident even postponed the GMT 14:40 Novices’ Hurdle chase by around 15 minutes- Daryl was about to ride on Port Melon but was straightaway launched off the horse as the racer galloped to start, badly falling behind the course railings.

The jockey was immediately taken up to the ambulance on stretcher as he was unable to move post a prolonged on-course treatment. The medical reports revealed fracture at knee, elbow and leg.


Melon’s trainer Paul Nicholls was naturally terrified with Jacob’s accident. Summing up the incident as “horrifying” Nicholls confirmed the news of 3 painful fractures sustained by Daryl.


However, Jacob’s racer did not seem to sustain any serious injury post the accident.

Jacob’s injury obviously delayed later races- it was Tammys Hill rode by JJ Smyth who came up as victorious in CGA Foxhunter championship


Chris Timmons replaced


In the meantime, jockey Timmons (Chris) had to face a replacement by Buchanan (Peter) in the inaugural Achtung racing event. Timmons had to step down following a failed breath test.

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